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Our Services

We are committed to provide the best service for our customers. We take pride in our collections of colors which we keep updated to match the season and the latest fashion trends. 

Pedicure and Manicure

For the best result, we only offer shellac polish for manicure as we cannot guarantee that regular polish would not chip within 7 days

Classic Pedicure

Treatment of feet and toenails. Dead skin removal + skincare up to the knee, including granular exfoliation, moisturizing, and massage

Regular  [35$]

Shellac  [45$]

Deluxe Pedicure

Extensive pedicure experience. Soak your feet in our aromatic Japanese Bath Salt while we do full cuticle works, exfoliate, scrub, massage. Also include collagen lotion, mineral mask, hot stone and hot wax paraffin.

Regular polish [60$]

Shellac polish [70$]

Jelly Pedicure

Our most popular pedicure treatment. Soak in our dense Jelly Mixture which act as a gentle exfoliate and greatly soften your skin, especially around the nail beds. Full cuticle works, feet scrub, exfoliate and massage. Application of collagen lotion, mineral mask, hot stone and hot wax paraffin also included.

Regular polish [65$]

Shellac polish [75$]

Classic Manicure

Treatment of fingernails and hands. Filing and shaping the free edge of nails, pushing and clipping cuticles.

Regular  [25$]

Shellac  [35$] +5$ for removing old shellac 

Deluxe Manicure

Full cuticle works, shape, sugar scrub and hot towel massage. Finish with a hot wax paraffin soak to moisturize and soften hand.

Regular polish [35$]

Shellac polish [45$]

Combo Mani + Pedi

Get the full manicure and pedicure experience at a discounted price for any combination of manicure and pedicure service.


Combo Classic:

Regular [55$]

Shellac [75$]

Shellac Mani + Regular Pedi [65$]

Regular Mani + Shellac Pedi [65$]


Combo Deluxe:

Regular [90$]

Shellac [110$]


Combo Jelly:

Regular [95$]

Shellac [115$]

For children under 13 years old.

Regular Mani + Pedi [45$]

Shellac Mani + Shellac Pedi [60$]

Kid Mani + Pedi

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Artificial Nails

For the best result, we only offer shellac polish for Artificial Nails.

Price may varies depending on the lenght, shape and complexity of design.

Acrylic Nails

Great for changing the shape or extending your nails.

Full New Set [55$+]

Refill [40$+]

UV Gel Nails

Similar to acrylic powder but stronger and shinier.

Full New Set [60$]

Refill [45$]

Dipping Powder Nails

Suitable for a fuller and robust look for nail.

Overlay [55$]

With Extension [60$]

Bio Gel Nails

Great for nail health and most durable. Suitable for short nails or overlay on real nails.

Full New Set [65$+]

Overlay no extension [55$+]

Refill [45$+]

Solar Gel Nails

Similar to Bio Gel but specialized toward long nails and extension.

Full New Set [65$+]

Overlay no extension [55$+]

Refill [45$+]

Shellac Color Change

A change of pace with a change color

Shellac [25$]   

Shellac on Artificial Nails [30$]

*5$ extra to remove old shellac

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Get an experience tailored to you with our additional nail options:

Shellac Removal [10$]

Artificial Nails Removal [15$]

Extension Extra Lenght [5$+]

Multiple Colors [5$]

Hand Paraffin [10$]

Foot Paraffin [15$]

Regular Short [5$]

French C Curve [10$]

French Designs [5$+]

Ombre [10$]

Chrome + Cat Eye [15$]

Change Shape [5$]


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Eyebrow                $10

Lip                          $7

Chin                       $7

Cheek                    $7

Side Burns             $13

Full face                 $30

Full Leg                  $45

Half Leg                 $25

Chest                     $20

Under Arm            $15

Half Arm                $20

Full arm                 $35

Back                       $35+

Stomach                $15


Eyebrow tinting                     $20

Eyebrow Wax+ Tinting         $25

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